Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Last year, in a Fes butcher shop the day before Eid, on the television in the shop was a program addressing the finer points of home sheep butchery. (My Eid lamb writeup from last year is here; it's under January 23rd.)

This year, my host family (the folks for whom I bought the ram, and with whom I stayed for the first three and a half weeks that I was here this year, and who were some of the first people whom I met in Morocco when I was first here in 2003, and who invite me over for The World's Most Delicious Couscous every Friday) bought a DVD to the same effect.

The usual items on sale on the street in the medina have been supplanted by knives, and the knife sharpeners (who I don't even remember having noticed other than occasionally until about three days ago are out in full force: I went outside pretty late, and there were two, whirring away at their sharpening stones, in the two blocks that I walked. (Notice that the grilling accessories begin to the right of this particular knife display.)


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