Saturday, January 07, 2006


So, this morning's project was the selection, purchase, and transport of a sheep for Eid. The ram is adorable; I named him Yasmina. My computer's brain is full and I need to delete piles of things before I can load any new photos, but let me tell you, Yasmina takes a mean picture.

The taxis used for transporting the Eid sheep are more trucklike than regular taxis. Alas.
The vendors didn't quite understand why I wanted to keep a copy of the receipt that is rubber-stamped with the words "mouton payƩ," but they humored me. (The ram was 53 kilos at 38 dirhams a kilo; that's 2014 dirhams, which is about $220.)

Also today, I bought fresh milk. As in, warm. This is not just because it's been stored at room temperature (which is pretty cold at the moment--I'm wearing a hat, scarf, and a sweater inside the house. I would wear gloves, but then it would be more difficult to type.)

On other days, whenever I've passed by the store that sells fresh milk (it seems like a better idea to buy it from a store than from one of the guys who sells it out of large plastic containers off the back of his bicycle, yes?), it's been closed, or if it's been open, I've had no need for milk, or have been en route somewhere, or somesuch. But today, I went food shopping and on my way home, a crowd of people was waiting and waiting and waiting for the milk store guy to return (the store itself was open, but there was no one working and nothing to be sold), and so I joined them, and bought delicious unhomogenized unpasteurized millk. I boiled half of it when I got home and used the other half to make mahalabiyya and chocolate pudding.


Blogger Zora said...

Aw, that reminds me of the lovely milk store in Cairo...and then when you finally asked them if you should be boiling the milk, and they looked horrified and said, "You haven't?" And then we all wondered if we'd been slowly killing ourselves... But I guess I only ate milk in the form of chocolate pudding anyway.

Good times, good times.

12:25 AM  
Blogger pvf said...

is this the chocolate pudding you talk about eating when we talk? this is why i'm bringing you that special spoon, right? to eat this? is that it? special spoon?

8:49 PM  

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