Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Frustration at the National Library, part deux

So, Josie comments that she never actually found the Salle du Maroc (the Morocco room) in the National Library. I have the tendency to agree with her that it probably does not actually exist.

I'm in a regular reading room, and at some point I was told that this was the Salle du Maroc. That, however, is impossible, as it seems to be the only regular closed-stack reading room that there is.

So, right now I'm frustrated because I handed in the form to request some bound periodicals an hour and two minutes ago. The lady in charge of getting them is somewhere in the stacks right now, but the sheet of paper that I handed in requesting the volumes is on her desk and not in the stacks with her.

Also, the library is really, really cold.
It is colder in here than it is outside.

So, since I had been waiting for the books for over an hour, I went up to the desk and asked the library employee if they had arrived/would arrive. What she did was hand me back my request sheet, but she put Xs through the requests; apparently, the call numbers of what I want don't exist.

I know this to be impossible for at least one of the three volumes, as I successfully requested and viewed a different issue of the same yesterday.



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