Friday, December 30, 2005

Woohoo! 2006 (almost)! And I'm living in a beautiful apartment!

So, a couple of days ago I moved in to an apartment in the medina with another Fulbrighter who had just gotten back form the States and was looking for a housemate. I had never met her before, and I'd never seen the apartment before.

It's beautiful in its Moroccan-ness!
It doesn't have a roof (it's on the first floor of an apartment building), which is unfortunate since the ocean is all of a block away, but, as Kristen (my roommate) reminded me, there are plenty of roofs with views in Moroccan Fulbright-dom.

I don't actually know the address of where I'm living; it's a really short street and the building doesn't have a number on it.

Another thing I'm really excited about, though, is that (and I think that I just hadn't paid enough attention to realize this before) I can receive mail (flat mail only--you know, if you're dying to burn me a cd or send me a letter or something, even though I haven't ever burnt you a cd or anything ...) through the APO Box address for the Moroccan Fulbright Commission. Among other things, this means that I'm un-suspending my New Yorker subscription immediately.

Alright, I'm off to Marrakech tomorrow to celebrate New Year's!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, email me your address AV so I can mail you somethin'. I wanna visit you this summer in Morocco. SYS

8:29 PM  

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