Tuesday, January 10, 2006

(You Could) Win a Mutton!

So, I think that I may have mentioned it in my massive email from about this time last year (that is, from this point in the lunar calendar, but about eleven days in the future from now last year in the Gregorian), but in the pre-Eid season, this country has the best mutton-related advertising ever (I don't remember there being any when I lived in Egypt.)

One supermarket, Label Vie, has both billboard and print ads for the sheep that you could win:

There is also a television commercial--I forget what it's for, I think some sort of appliance--in which you can also win a mutton. There's a boy who's about eight or ten who says, in one of the final shots, "jameel jiddan jiddan jiddan" (roughly translated: "really really really awesome") and then the final shot consists of his television-commercial dad sitting on the sofa, looking content, and he stretches his right arm in back of him, where the sheep is, and he puts his arm around the sheep. Did I mention that the actors in this commercial look extremely happy?


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