Sunday, November 27, 2005

Valencia, Valencia

Hey, so I'm in Valencia now, and it's very pretty, and very cold (not in an absolute sense, but I didn't bring the world's warmest clothes, and the apartemnet where I'm staying is drafty.)
Valencia is the third-largest city in Spain, and, one imagines, the source of my family name. I got here yesterday (Saturday) in the afternoon, and I'm staying until Tuesday morning. Unfortunately, I won't be staying late enough on Tuesday to see the Tribunal de las Aguas, when all of the farmers gather together in the market square to complain about their neighbors' irresponsible irrigation practices, or somesuch.

Last night, I went to see the Decemberists play; I'd gone to see them the night before, too, in Madrid. The sets that they played were the same both nights, with one variation, and were short, since they were the openers. Also, they didn't have all of their gear, and it was strange to see them sans keyboard, melodophone, etc. However, as I'd missed their San Francisco shows (having moved to Spain a week beforehand), I was happy to have the opportunity to see them play at all. I imagine I won't be seeing them again until 2007. I took them some of the brownies and chocolate chip cookies that I'd made for Thanksgiving. They liked them, I am told.

Friday, Jason, one of the Fulbrighters, and his recently-enfianced threw a Thanksgiving dinner. They're the ones who live in Fuenlabrada, which is an hour and a half outside of the center of Madrid by metro, and about forty minutes by train. I went over there on Thursday night to bake a bunch of things (cornbread, brownies, and cookies), and then all day Friday was spent in general harvest holiday warmth. I helped to remove some of the feathers from the turkey, although it had ostensibly been ordered de-feathered. The food was delicious; a store in Madrid called Taste of America was the source of the cranberry sauce, canned pumpkin, and candy corn.

I guess I mentioned before ... it's cold here. My hands are numb, so I'm going to stop writing now. I've got to get up early to go to the archive!


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