Tuesday, November 29, 2005


So, in every town that I've visited, I've tried to eat whatever's typical of that town. In Valencia, there are a few things: oranges, paella, turrón (nougat), and agua de Valencia, a liqueur.

Of the above, the only thing that I really had was oranges.

There were lots of turrón places, but they were closed every time we went by them (although I did have a little bit of packaged turrón, egg yolk flavored, of all things. It was quite good; think of it as having been more a custard flavor than an egg yolk flavor.) The one bar we went to and had the presence of mind to ask if they had agua de Valencia didn't (and the stores were all closed by then), and I'm allergic to shellfish. Oh, well.

I chalk up ny not having tasted enough typical Valencian stuff to the fact that I got there on a Saturday and left on a Tuesday morning: Spain is closed on Sundays, and a lot of restaurants are closed on Mondays. Next time.


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