Sunday, September 10, 2006

Granada, Nada happening just yet

I'm finally in Granada, where the whole look-for-a-place-to-live drama begins again. Sort of. Not really in that I have a couple of options: one (expensive) has a gorgeous balcony and is pretty close to the center of town, and whatnot. But it's too spency, and this is Granada, not Rome or NY or the Bay Area. So I'll just be there for a week or so until If ind someplace cheaper.

Another option, which I hope works out, is to move in with two of the people form the Arab Studies School (Escuela de Estudios Arabes) where I do research. Apparently, they're not that close to the center. Where they are, I don't know; I'm hoping it's near the university not-near the center, not near-an-industrial-polygon not-near the center. I've got wheels, though, so I'm good. By wheels I mean my bicycle.

I think I neglected to mention: I went on the best bike rides last month. I would ride up form Guadalajara through a little town called Marchamalo and 12 kilopeters up a road to another town called Usanos, in a middle gear the whole way, and then I would go back down to town quickly. And there were cows, and goats with pretty-sounding bells, and whatnot. Also, one day I rode to Hita, and saw the archpriest's plaza, and a bull that they had just, erm, valiantly fought to death.


Blogger elenamorado said...

Hola guapaaaaa! que tal te va arabista por una de las ciudades mas bellas del mundo? Imagino y se por lo que he leido que bien. YA veras que encontraras algo barato rapidamente. PAciencia. Aunque tu sabes bien que es eso. Gracias por dejarme tus mensajes de vez en cuando, me dan mucha alegria. Como has leido vuelvo a Paris. he estado durante los meses de verano en mi casa de conil, con mi madre. Ahora pienso estar en PAris unos cinco meses mas o menos. Voy, como siempre, a improvisar. jejejejeje
Te mando un fuerte beso y mucha fuerza. Elena

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