Thursday, May 25, 2006

Same Coast, Different Ocean

So, I'm super-excited because tomorrow begins West Coast Bike Trip 2K6!
I am going with Sarah Syed, whom you might recall from West Coast Bike Trip 2K1 (although, you probably don't, unless you were in Berkeley at the time, and abreast of the minutiae of my circle of friends.) The trip in 2K1 was 1161.1 miles long (for me; Sarah had begun in Vancouver before meeting up with two of us near Bainbridge Island) and took 17 days. This one is much shorter, and will take about five days. (You will note that I am only really using two days during which I would otherwise be in the library, as I tend to write Fridays off as non-productive days during which people are away from the office eating couscous and praying and napping after the couscous. Yes, yes, I am trying to justify to myself taking these days off when my research time here is almost over.)

The trip is alternately known as Rabat-Casablanca-El-Jadida-Oualidia-Safi-Essaouira

Here's the tentative itinerary, the May 25th part of which is already over:
May 25th--Sarah arrives Casablanca
Sarah gets to AV's place by some ridiculous time of the night

May 26th--
brief tour of Rabat (Oudaya, Chellah, Hassan Tower)
couscous lunch
depart Rabat
goal: Casablanca. Hang out at Camilo's.

May 27th--
depart Casablanca, am. optional stop at the Hassan II mosque.
goal: El-Jadida

May 28th--Sam arrives Marrakech
Depart el-Jadida am.
Goal: lunch in Oualidia, night in Safi

May 29th--
Try to meet up with Sam? If he wants?
Noodle around Safi.
(alternate plans for the 28th and 29th are to get to Oualidia one day and Safi the next.)

May 30th--
ride from Safi to Essaouira


Blogger Josie said...

I remember West Coast Bike Tour 2k1! AV arrived in Seattle on a train, with a friend and bikes, and came to Bainbridge on the ferry, where we ate crepes and walked around the woods, and then she met up with Sara and biked home. craziness.

The Morocco version sounds awesome! have fun!

11:33 AM  

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