Saturday, May 12, 2007

Running, sort of, near Rabat

I went running with the Hash House Harriers here today. Well, there were a few short running bits thrown in, and a lot of planning, standing around, and drinking (I didn't do much of the drinking. Beer is okay. But just. And the beer was warm, which makes it much less okay.) The running bits were done one what I consider inhospitable terrain; there were lots of gravelly downward slopes that I don't consider pleasant for hiking/walking/whathaveyou.

The running/walking/general attempts to not tumble to my death down a slippery hillside took about an hour and a half, including the mid-run beer/water break. The preparation for going and the hanging-around afterwards took much longer.

Plans for going on a run with the Harriers started about a week ago; Josie mentioned wanting to go, and so we Googled them but the website was down. Somewhere else it was posted that they had a happy hour on Wednesdays at the American Club, so we went. Now, to get into the American club you have to be affiliated with something American, and having a U.S. passport just doesn't cut it. So we loitered at the front door until a nice Irish(?) lady who was on the appropriate list signed us in as her guests.

It was pretty empty when we got there, though, so we contented ourselves with the food from an Americana-heavy menu (mushroom swiss burger, anyone?) and speculated as to who might be a Harrier. There was a big group of early-twenties Americans. Josie figured that they were too young. Then there was this one guy who walked in who was muscular and was wearing a visor at a bizarre angle. Josie pegged him as a Harrier.

It turns out that he was the hare.

And so, we ended up waiting for him in front of the American Club today at eleven. It was past eleven thirty when he showed up. We drove to a supermarket, and he bought the drinks for the run. His friend commented that we should probably go acquire some food, since the run itself wouldn't start until three.

And so Josie and I left, not wanting to spend four hours doing nothing before the run.

I ended up finding a ride, Josie didn't want to waste the entire day on another Port Said Soccer Trip, and so I went by myself.

My hair still smells like beer.


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