Thursday, January 25, 2007


It's been snowing since a little past two this afternoon. As of six, none of it was sticking. The flakes are wet, but they melt as soon as they hit the ground.

The orange tree in the plaza next to my house had snow-covered leaves. And oranges! Those poor (non-eatable, not really) oranges!

As of seven, some snow was sticking to the rooftops. Tomorrow morning (or maybe later tonight), I'll walk over to somewhere from which the Alhambra's visible. I imagine that the Alhambra is pretty when the hill is snow-covered. Because it's always pretty.

I believe that I mentioned that I happen to live on the most happening street in Granada? Why, the first entry when I googled "Elvira nightlife Granada"
claims that, "Calle Elvira is the district at the center of Granada night life."

That's why I had trouble sleeping my first night at home.

That's also why I am going to subject you, dear Reader, to my comprehensive survey of Calle Elvira not-quite night life. (Really, who wants to stay out until four in the morning?)

In these pages, look forward to reviews of every bar and shawarma/kebab place on Calle Elvira.

I plann on posting two entries for each category (bar/shawarma) per week, when I'm in Granada. At that rate, I'll be done with the street by September (I haven't actually counted the bars and/or shawarma places yet, but there's probably an average of three bars per block, and Calle Elvira has about seventeen blocks (from a quick count of a not-too-detailed map on the interweb.)


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