Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Snacks in Spain

I went for rounds of tapas with a bunch of archaeologists here in Granada. I had three (!) rounds of tinto de verano, and the tapas that we had were as follows:
round one: pulpo, with a nice pickled salad
round two: croquetas
round three (at a different place): fried fish and eggplant

This all came out to five euros, for such is the quantity of money that we each put in at the beginning. It was a decent amount of food, too.

Have I mentioned that octopus is one of my favorite things to eat? It wins points for texture, shape, and flavor.

A couple of Christmases ago, an octopus was the centerpiece of one of the dishes. I've forgotten where we went that Christmas, and all of the other details, but the octopus was delicious.

Also, speaking of the food in Spain, I am in Granada now but I was previously at a conference in Seville, attended largely by Moroccans. At dinner the first night of the conference, one of the courses served was gazpacho.

"They forgot to cook this," one of the Moroccans said.
Another smelled it, and made a revolted face.
"Really, they should cook it for a while and then put it on top of pasta," said a third.

I managed to convince a couple of them to try it, and one of them liked it, but for the most part Moroccans (to generalize) do not appreciate the refreshing qualities of cold, uncooked soup.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you ARE an octopus.


7:34 AM  
Blogger Blanqui said...

Dima was very briefly in NYC last week and she was telling us about the Iraqis' reaction to sushi and bento boxes when they visit Japan. Not good. Middle Easterners do not get the concept of cold meals. Now she takes them to Turkish restaurants (of which there is one in Kyoto).

12:00 PM  
Blogger pvf said...

sister. it was at aunt eugenia's house, manny cooked that octopus. the beak was scary. and then data yells out randomly the scariest part was the octopus! but remember, in that one version they rode that octopus like it was a ferris wheel. anywho, i didn't try the octopus then, but i love it now.

7:16 AM  

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