Monday, December 03, 2007


So, this year the Valencia family is going to be spread out for the holidays. Pablo´s staying in LA, I´m staying in Spain, and the crumblies are staying in NJ.

We wanted to do something together, though. We were thinking of a conference call, which´ll probably happen anyway, but we´ve all agreed that what we really like to do together is eat together.

The plan is for us all to make the same dishes (they don´t even have to be had on the same day) and take pictures of ourselves eating and sharing them. We´ll take pictures of us passing plates over to the person next to us, and toasting with the people on either side. We´re going to gather the pictures and then it´ll be the whole Valencia family together!

The menu, so far, is going to be¨:
penne in sun-dried tomato and vodka cream sauce
caramelized onion tartes
something salady

We haven´t decided on desserts yet.

Care to join us?

*or Hannukan´t. We still haven´t come up with a proposal for an Eidquivalent. We also tossed around FauXmas and Ersatznukkah.


Blogger rmkall1 said...

Feliz navidad amiga mia!!!!!

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