Sunday, October 14, 2007

Research in Paris

I went to DC, and then home, but now I'm back in Europe and madly (!) working on things, trying to have something presentable so that eventually I can apply for university jobs and be done with school. It's been a good 27-year-run, though.

Then again, a university teaching job isn't so much being done with school as much as it is going to school in a different capacity.

What I'm doing here is getting my hands on maps and views of Rabat-Salé, some of which I've seen published, and some of which (I just saw yesterday) haven't been published or referred to in anything that I've come across. I also need to go to the naval archives in Vincennes, and the National Archives here in Paris, and (eventually, I was planning on going on this trip, but I've got so much to do here) I will wend my way to Nantes, to see the diplomatic archives.

If you know of anyone who wants to hire me to talk about the late sixteenth and the early seventeenth century in Spain and Morocco for the next year or two, let me know.


Blogger joshphillipson said...

We would like to hire you to learn young Lucy about said topics. As we have neglected to teach her to read upside down or to walk on her hands in the normal course of personal transportation, we'd like to experiment with completing her education in reverse. Her studies will gradually become easier and easier as she approaches college, high school, and grade school. She will ace kindergarten when she is near 30 -- how relaxing. It's also the perfection of parental career control -- we choose now - she'll be a 16th century architecture studies grad student! Hmmm ... wait ... maybe you could switch to medicine or law.

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