Sunday, April 02, 2006

Hiatus hiatus

Did I not mention that I was also going to the Fulbright conference in Toledo?
That just happened, and now I'm on my way back to Morocco, with a stopover in Granada (until tomorrow.) I'll be home before Thursday, and then I'll blog up a storm.

For kicks, here's a message that I received on Friendster today:

i want to say some things.
to day see ur profile and view ur nice pics then like
u as my nice and honet friend .but i dont know
what u think and what u want .coze the westren
not like asian as any nice relation .i m pakistani
male 30 year old to.but u r nice cuty and beautifull
girl and hope u wont mind abt my message if u
want then hit me bck and if u nt like that so forgive
me for that mistake .
but take nice care abt ur self and have nice time
for u there and any where u fly .


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