Sunday, February 19, 2006

Casablanca International Book Fair 2006!

For the past week and a half, they've had an international book fair on in Casa. Today was the last day, so I woke up fairly early and took the train. I met up with Camilo, the only Fulbrighter who lives in Casa (who is also a Fulbright-Hays and who is also Colombian), and we went over to the ginormous quonset-hut-like structure in which the thing was held. We spent about six hours there!

I got a bunch of books, so now I'm really hoping that the parents Valencia will come and visit at some point near the end of my stay here, so that they can help me carry them home.

In case you're interested, this is what I got:
Roger Coindreau's Les Corsaires de Salé
Abdelhadi Tazi's Histoire Diplomatique du Maroc (abridged one-volume edition; the full set is ten volumes!)
Al-ahbas al-islamiyya fil-mamlaka al-maghribiyya (Islamic Land Trusts in the Kingdom of Morocco)
Fihris al-makhtuutat al-'arabiyya wa-amazighiyya (Catalog of Arabic and Amazight Manuscripts in the Roi Abdul Aziz b. S'aud library)
Al-Manaahil: Al-'Imaara fil-maghrib qadimaan (The Ancient Moroccan Building issue of the Manaahil journal)
Casablanca: Genèse et évolution (a bibliography)
Mohamed Naciri and André Raymond's (eds, really) Sciences Sociales et Phénomènes Urbains dans le Monde Arabe
A French-Arabic Lexique d'Urbanisme (I have an architectural dictionary in English, one in Spanish, and one in Arabic; this is a nice addition to the architecture/urbanism reference collection.--I also have the Dictionary Islamic Architecture, an illustrated glossary of architectural terms, and Francis Ching's illustrated dictionary of building terms. )

Finally, I got the 2005 Maghreb Index (the Roi Abdul Aziz b. S'aud library catalog, on cd), and the Bibliographie des Publications Marocaines, 2004 (the S'audi library threw that one in because I was already buying four books from them. They also didn't charge me for the Maghreb Index, which is good, since I think it takes an Arabic Windows machine to run.)

Was this the most boring blog entry ever?

Seriously though, I'm psyched about the books. Unlike in Spain, the libraries here close in the early afternoon, so it's nice to have books to look at at home.


Blogger Josie said...

So this comment is super belated, but no, this was not the most boring blog entry ever. I, too, am proud of my copy of

Fihris al-makhtuutat al-'arabiyya wa-amazighiyya

which I got at the Saudi library last year. The Saudi library is amazing, and everything they do so far seems amazing. That isn't just a catalog of what they have, someone very industrious has also provided little bibliographies for many of the entries. And the online library catalog is the only database i know of for looking up Arabic journal articles and book chapters. yay.

Do they have the fair every year? Sounds like it sort of overlaps with the Cairo one, or maybe is right after it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi I want to ask you a question about the catalog because i couldn't find this book and never heard about it untill now. Can you tell me more about the sorts/titel/date of amazigh books in this catalog or can I get a few scans of it? I don't live in Morocco by the ways. Thanks in advance



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry correction my e-mail is:



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