Monday, February 20, 2006

Hey, I'm married.

So, as of a couple of months ago, I changed my Friendster profile from "single" to "married." This despite the fact that a) I have no foreseeable reasonable marriage prospects of which I am aware (impromptu proposals from the shabbaab on the streets of Rabat do not count. See "reasonable" above), and b) should my currently-single soulmate happen to be checking Friendster for a five foot tall girl from New Jersey who likes bicycles but is currently located somewhere between Spain and Morocco who also happens to be single, I will not turn up in said soulmate's search results. Alas.

It's a risk I'm willing to take, because I was getting way too many alternately amusing/creepy messages. Somewhere in the text of my actual profile, I do note that I'm not actually married. (I have gotten more than one shocked/congratulatory email from people in the groups of friends with whom I haven't had too much recent contact, but have remedied those mis-perceptions of my actual, as opposed to Friendsteral, marital status.)

Even though my status on Friendster is now "married," that doesn't prevent me from receiving messages such as this one (which I just received today). Line breaks, capitalization, and punctuation as in original:

Woman is like the sun, sometimes we love it and
sometimes we hate it but we can't live without it.
man is like the river sometimes calm and sometimes
wild but he is needed to keep the life going.
Some people are nice and some not, but you will
never know till you talk with them. I hope i will
be lucky and chat with you and who knows we might
find each other nice.
I know that we are far away from each other but
with a true feelings, Opened minds, big kind and
true wells we could be together by mind and who
knows we might meet in person one day.
I hope that you will reply to that message even if
you are not interested
[his email address was here, but I have done him the favor of removing it.]


Blogger Zora said...

Aw. Some people are just perpetually full of hope.

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