Friday, June 13, 2008


As of last night, when I went to the supermarket again, some restocking seems to be taking place. Most of the things that were in stock and/or being re-stocked weren't exactly what I would classify as essential, however.

Also no baked goods (this shelf usually has fresh sliced bread and pastry-type things.) There were some baguettes on another bread shelf, though (unlike the case three days ago.)

No eggs. Not even quail (which are usually on the top shelf.) Weird soup concentrate stuff has been fully restocked (if, that is, it was ever out of stock.)

No fruit (this is where potatoes, garlic, bananas, and oranges usually are. There are some containers of bottled water, in case you're planning for the year 2000. Also, there does seem to be some garlic in the background.)

One (half) watermelon, a couple of (bad) ears of corn, and a box of something weird. In the background, note that soda has been fully restocked.

At least there are a few containers of soymilk (I bought two.) But that's a new development as of today. When I last attempted a supermarket trip (two days ago) there was not even soymilk.

The meat shelves are also empty. The junk food shelves immediately to the right had just been filled. (Two days ago, I believe there was nothing in the family of pre-made Spanish tortillas, frozen pizzas, and egg beaters, But those are the things that nobody wants! Right?!)

I will be so, so happy when there are things like bags of fresh spinach and eggs in the supermarket. Tomorrow, I'm going to go see if the vegetable market is open.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, I just looked at the news. For a minute, I thought this was the result of some general, global food scarcity issues, and I got really scared.

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Blogger AV said...

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Blogger AV said...

Hnm. I commented, but removed it because I can't figure out how to format a link. I'm trying a second time, and if it doesn't work, I may or may not try it again.


Oh, no, not a global issue at all. Yet. (Although it is a reflection of global issues, really.) The minute the supermarket shelves of Europe in general are like that, I'm probably going to have higher priorities than posting to a blog. Namely, I'd probably be packing my stuff up to leave, if at that point I cared about taking stuff with me.

On a related note, the photo in this article is so, so, so depressing, in a way that the zaballin in Cairo doesn't manage to be :
Malthus Redux

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