Monday, April 21, 2008

Morocco Redux, and Semana Santa

The future of djellaba fashion seemingly involves the following three trends:
1. large all-over print flower patterns (almost like a Hawaiian shirt or muumuu print)
2. a stripe between the body of the djellaba and the sleeves
3. sleeves that are a different color than the body of the djellaba.

Use the above information to do what you will; if you end up being the next hot djellaba designer, let me know.

Also, I know that Snoap (who visited, along with his girlfriend Vicky whose name I´m not quite sure how to spell), who visited for Semana Santa, is waiting for me to blog about it. It was fun! There were people in those pointy caps that make Americans cringe, and lots of processions, and it didn´t rain so much, unlike last year, when it rained the whole time and there were almost no processions. We talked about the Sierra Mountains and how we´d really like to go there and drink some chai tea, and maybe have something involving salsa sauce.

In other news, this blog is going on hiatus until I finish a dissertation chapter. I have about five (pretty long, now terribly outdated) entries waiting for editing, but realize that I´d rather make everyone I know call me Doctor Valencia than blog up a storm (which, um, I haven´t been doing lately anyways.) Not that I´m close to finishing or anything anyways. I´ll be back and blogging by June.


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