Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pros and Cons

I've gotten to the point at which I'm thinking I should be back in California for the next academic year. I don't really want to be, since I think I'm doing alright here (although I do miss having triceps.) And so I'm trying to reason things through. Please add to my list of Spain (Granada) and California (Bay Area) pros and cons.

I also keep seriously thinking about moving to Chicago, but haven't made a list for it yet. Chicagoans, please make suggestions!


Already here/inertia
In Europe
Best. Apartment. Ever.


Refrigerated tomatoes
No cafés
Everything closes at insane hours.
Granada is provincial.
The Euro
Earthquake denial
Spaniards are ridiculous/Spain is ridiculous
Lack of ethnic food


The gym
The Bay
Live music
People like me.
I like people.
No smoking
Cycling club
Sailing club (which I fully intend to join)
Swimming pools that are beautiful, so that I at least get to get water up my nose in an aesthetically pleasing environment.
In the US
Thai food
Indian food
Dozens of tomato varieties


Many of my friends have moved away.
In the US


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should make a wiki page.

And my memories of Spanish swimming pools is that they're gorgeous--but I never went to one in Granada.

Maybe wait until the elections have passed? It would suck to move back to the US and have McCain win, and then just want to flee again.

I was just in Chicago--downtown is quite grand. And bike culture is real there--they're not kidding. However, it is a little spread-out feeling.

5:59 PM  
Blogger AV said...

If McCain were to win, I would move to Canada. Or Spain.

Statistically, at this point, I mean, Obama _has_ to win. Right?


What I would like for him to do is to not take public financing but to agree to not spend any campaign donations beyond what would equal the public finance amount.

11:53 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

ok..i'm going to make the push for Chicago...since its amazing!

-chicago politics--never gets old
-biking lake shore drive--get your elbows ready during the weekends
-the festivals--tons of them over the spring/summertime
-the lake-beautiful...although watch out for the e.coli
-the beach--yes we have beaches.
-the food--there's always a new restaurant popping up and tons of vegetarian options
-the neighborhoods--like mine..Pilsen :)
-free music--almost every night at Millenium Park
-midwest --being a jersey girl, chicago is a nice mix of east and west coast vibes. not too hectic, yet not too laid back.

more to come

1:37 PM  
Blogger josiehen said...

Where are you more likely to get writing done, and where will you have the best/most guaranteed library access? Access to other like-minded ABD's for doing a writing group or practicing job talks and mock classes on each other?
Gyms are great for sanity and keeping a regular schedule.

12:44 AM  
Blogger AV said...

Also, my brother pointed out: there are a few things that I have for negatives of Spain that should also go in the positives list, the ridiculousness of Spaniards and Spain among those.

5:15 PM  

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