Monday, September 19, 2005

Research Report: Day One

It took me a while to get out of bed and get myself over to the AHN (National Historical Archives) today, but I did have enough time to get somewhat oriented and find in their indices a couple of manuscripts that I'll need to look at.

After the AHN closed (it closes at two until October), it was off to the Biblioteca Nacional for lunch (there's a reasonably-priced cafeteria) and some sleeping ... er, reading. The thing is, it's warm in there. Also: the chairs are uncomfortable. And (and I had forgotten this minor detail): handwriting from the seventeenth century is extra-curly and, to say the least, difficult to read. I managed to make out that a) some poor sucker who was being expelled from Spain in 1609 didn't have any property worth seizing, and that b) a bunch of people in Seville were not in possession of any contraband when their houses were inspected.


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