Thursday, September 15, 2005

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My trip to the bicycle shop today was none too productive. After a week of waiting I have, well, a frame and a fork. The shop that I had found (over the internet; the other alternative at the time was the bike shop at a department store) is a _hike_ away from where I live; there are at least two shops that are much closer, one of which is much bigger, and one of which, although it's been closed every time I've been by it or attempted to go to it, looks promising. Granted, they do have a posted sign of their opening hours, and I've just never been by there during their advertised opening hours.

Anyhow, to make a really long story really, really short, it would have been possible for me to have my bicycle built and ready by tomorrow. But then I would have cried every time that I looked at my bicycle, because it was going to be hideous. Hideousness is a theft deterrent, I suppose, but what I really want is all-silver-colored components and drop handlebars. What I would have ended up with was black cranks and crankarms and straight handlebars. Grumble.

My plan is to start research bright and early on Monday morning (I did already get a researcher card for the National Library; I haven't been to the National Historical Archives yet.) The archives don't even have normal hours (until 6 pm) until October, though.


Blogger Fotaq said...

Good luck on the Bike!

5:50 AM  
Blogger AV said...

Thanks, Peter! It's been dropped off at the chi-chi American import bike shop by the National Historical Archives. It should be ready soon; it's going to end up being pricier than if I'd had the same build in the States, but I just didn't have time! Also, it's going to have some black parts (handlebar tape and whatnot), but I was just getting antsy. I'll put silver-and-mustard accenting on it in 2007, I suppose.

6:24 AM  

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