Thursday, June 10, 2010


Because I know you're dying to know, here's what's latest in djellaba fashion (in Rabat): short-sleeved djellabas! I know. I _know._ Some of them are half-sleeve djellabas with a diagonal cuff, and others are long-sleeved ones that have s cinching mechanism so that they can be held up to 3/4 sleeve length. Apparently, Chomeicha is singlehandedly responsible for the latter as a trend; I was specifically told about this while watching her work her darija culinary magic today and I noticed something weird about her sleeves, and then I knew to look for it. I only saw it once, but _still._ The short-sleeved djellabas, though, I kept seeing them over and over.

Another thing that seems to have taken off here (I doubt that I just hadn't noticed this before) is folding bikes. Today I saw three, two of which were in use (the third was parked outside, in the i'm-leaning-outside-a-business-and-therefore-belong-to-someone-local way that I'm sure is more a hopeful deterrent than anything), one of which was a Dahon. I also saw (in non-folders) a Batavus and a Giant.

I wonder when I'll see a woman in a short-sleeved djellaba on a folder?


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