Sunday, March 07, 2010

My brother

So, on Valentine's Day, I get a series of text messages from my brother. I am reproducing them verbatim, with no corrections for capitalization or punctuation. They ask the following:

(,) do you think people would rent office/work spaces if they were in nice loft apts but you shared the space w/ someone in a long term coma

(,) so the office brainwaves help the coma patient, and by giving company. and then the offices are cheaper, and people just come to use them as work spaces.

(,) and if there is a giant high rise building full of comatose people, they can all share one staff of health care workers. Does this system work do you think?

(,) think a giant city, where you want to ditch your coma people or old people, and you can go visit them. you know, you can also like use the senior service.

(,) where it is sort of assisted living, senior home, but, one can go hang out there, bc they are sort of separate nice apts. idk, what's the next stage? biz plan?

I read these messages to him today, and he noted that he vaguely remembered having sent me a very long message that might have been a little off.