Thursday, September 20, 2007


They have rhubarb jam here, and chestnut spread that comes in a toothpaste-like tube. The cap for this tube is double-threaded, so you just flip it over to pierce the top and then you can keep it on that way, or turn it back around. The choice is yours. I'm visiting for a week; my family's here, and while they're off at the Elysian Fields and whatnot, I'll be at the Archives de la Marine looking at some pretty sweet maps and views of Rabat.

In other news, I am living in a big old flat in the center of Granada with three balconies (having left Calle Elvira and the din of its gutterpunks and drunks), I may or may not be going to Egypt at the end of October (I've heard thirdhand that I am, but won't believe it until I have a ticket in my sweaty little palm), and there is an inordinate amount of lettuce growing in the balcony planters. Also, I am sending in a rough draft of a dissertation chapter today. It's really more of a partial chapter than anything else, because I think of it as a partial thought, but it feels good to finally be turning something (however tenuous) in.