Sunday, February 01, 2009

How to find this corner of the blogiverse

As per Google analytics, recent visitors to this blog have stumbled upon me by googling the following phrases:
piatic numbers
"dhaba" nyc
a box of outdated couscous
can you get worms from couscous?
churreria san ginez madrid

Not one, but two people found me by wondering about piatic numbers. Unfortunately, I'm sure they didn't find any answers, other than that I'm in awe of math when my friend Alex talks about it.

And I really hope that the people who were concerned with their expired, wormy couscous found some delicious, non-expired couscous to eat.


Blogger AV said...

Apparently, they are not piatic (as in, in relation to pi, or pious) but p-adic. I _think_

8:47 PM  
Blogger crissy said...

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10:15 PM  

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